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Optinet's Comment: Most specifications of positioning systems used in Semiconductor applications, require compliance with SEMI S2 Standards.

SEMI S2 is a SEMI standard for Saefty, Health and Protection of the Environment. The current edition of SEMI S2- 0709 was approved in July 2006. 

The release of the next edition is expected in July 2012.


SEMATECH Guidebook for SEMI S2-93 -

This guidebook, by SEMATECH, provides a comprehensive interpretation and application recommendations of SEMI S2-93 and S8-95 (S8).

The consortium, called SEMATECH (SEmiconductor MAnufacturing TECHnology), was formed in 1987 by 14 U.S.-based semiconductor manufacturers

 and the U.S. government to solve common manufacturing problems by leveraging resources and sharing risks.

It is SEMATECH’s philosophy that "no job is so important that it may be performed without regard for safety, health or protection of the environment."


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