About Us -


Optinet Inc. is an engineering consulting firm, founded by Dr. Boaz Eidelberg in 2005, specializing in positioning system technology . 


Optinet's consulting services included project management of over 20 high performance, high precision, positioning systems for various oem applications.

These applications included positioning systems for automated process machines in semiconductors, electronics, life sciences, machine tools, solar energy,

tire industries and general factory automation.  Optinet's patented solution for dynamic yaw and straightness correction, provided the ability 

to build the world's largest, fastest and most accurate, Gen 8, laser scribing machine. Six of these machines were

operating successfully in two solar FABS. The machines, each weighting 15 ton, had dynamic accuracy of +/- 6 um, over 2.6 x 2.2 m' substrate, while moving

over an air cushion at 2 m/sec.